6 Week Real Life Challenge 
Starting at a Gym can be hard, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing!

FOCUS takes a different approach to fitness, helping you change your lifestyle for the better. 
Join our 6 week challenge starting soon to change your life. Through fun and supportive Team Training anyone can take the challenge and achieve their goals. 
With Nutrition guidance you will get a complete lifestyle change, not just a quick workout.
 Whats included in this value packed program?

4x Team Training sessions to attend each week at multiple times each week to choose from!
Nutrition Planning & Guidance
2 Exercise tasks to complete each & every week
Supportive Coaching
Accountability check-ins
Private challenger group to help support you
Before/After testing
Limited spaces
Weekly email support
Reminders for all booked training sessions

Investment- $250per person 
OR $200pp for 3 or more so get your friends involved

This 6 Week Real Life Challenge is about making sustainable change

Scroll down for real results from our current clients and members! 
Join the FOCUS team for 6 weeks of life changing training, guidance and support to create the change you want and keep it!
Ready for change?
Here are a few points we would like you to know:

In addition to attending ALL scheduled training sessions you'll need to adhere to the nutrition guidelines we recommend if you want to get real results.

Each week there will be 6 scheduled workout sessions of varying intensity. We expect you to attend all workouts and work with a schedule that works for you.

The results you get will be directly correlated to how hard you work. Follow what we say and you'll do well.

We would like to see everyone succeed and get the most from this challenge. Please think carefully before applying. We want people who are eager to succeed, even when things get tough.

We don't deal in tricks or fads. This program is not a magic bullet. It is challenging, but it works!

This program is suitable for beginners, but can also be adapted for any fitness level & adjusted as needed.

"I like the positive support and atmosphere at the Team Trainings. The sessions are challenging and can easily be adapted. I like the tracking of progress and the push to improve. I have a tendency to stick within my comfort zone so it is good to be pushed"
- Sally

"I love the way there is ALWAYS another option to work around injuries and age.. No excuses! The feeling when you have pushed your self to the limit and I even love it on the days when you think your going to need a bucket!
That feeling when walking out of OMG did I really just do all that. Michaels quirky ways of motivating me.. No slacking here and it certainly get results! The small groups are a bonus its almost like a personal training session in itself. Its not just TT its the text messages checking up that your ok or whats for dinner. Friendly Kind Caring and Bloody hard work! Just AWESOME Michael! I love it and I do appreciate the effort you put in!! "

"I've had other trainers, but Michael is the best by far. He tailors the training to specific needs, and pushes his clients to achieve their best. He is also understanding and flexible when needed. Michael also very quickly worked out how far I thought I could be pushed, how far I actually could be pushed: and then pushed me a bit further than that, so that I'm now working out at a level I would never have considered a year ago. All of that plus a winning and warm personality makes Michael an A++!" - PAULA T

"I love the results, the follow up and support. Advice and guidance is critical for me to succeed as well as personal accountability. The variety of team trading options and content makes every session enjoyable." - JO G

"I've just joined the team but have known Michael and Jo for a wee while and I love my boxing and abs session!! Especially because it's personalized just for me and Michael listens to my goals but pushes me to improve!!! And I love the txt the next day to see how the old body's going which is genuine care! Keep up the good work" 

"I love Focus - I have so much respect for Michael and the team and their commitment to what they do and how they do it. There's no bullshit - just a group of like-minded people committed to what they are doing and keen to get on with it. Group training sessions work well for me - I like to be challenged - have some fun and everyone just supports each other. Oh and I love training outside - even in the cold. Is it worth getting up early for "hell yes". I think Focus is great - the people are great - it's an honest place where I feel challenged, supported and where I can just be - working out. Thanks guys!

FOCUS: A Fun and Engaging Team Training Facility.
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